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"I am writing to indicate my full support and high recommendation of the teachers at Lil'; Saints Preschool at Sacred Heart. If you are looking for teachers with character, integrity, and a passion for teaching, look no further than Mylene Lock and Zoe Ahlstrom.

Both Mylene and Zoe's style is engaging and interactive. The children walk away each day with an abundance of new knowledge, and the memory of having a great time while discovering that knowledge.

Both teachers have a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Their unique ability to connect with each child, and talent for teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are truly superior.

Mylene and Zoe's teaching styles are complimentary. An awesome combination! I especially love how they make themselves available to discuss any concerns a parent might have, and how they offer great support and suggestions to help. It is so wonderful to see each day how eager they are to share with parents how incredible each child is, and inform of their great strides and accomplishments. Two significant occasions for me personally, were when they effectively toilet trained my son in one week, and when they taught him to write his very own name on each of his artistic endeavours! With both these milestones, my husband and I noticed a change in our son . . . a boost in self-confidence and a real sense of pride with himself . . . invaluable!

Finally, this wonderful program of cognitive development is accompanied by a constant thread of spiritual nurturing in the Catholic faith . . . another awesome combination!

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to these teachers, Mylene Lock and Zoe Ahlstrom, for their unwavering commitment to the growth and wellbeing of each child's educational, emotional, behavioural, and spiritual development."

Ellen Fairn

"We wanted to share with you how much Lil Saints Preschool has meant to us.  We moved to Ladner last spring and you welcomed our daughter into your classroom with warmth and kindness.  Our daughter has loved going to 'school' ever since that first day. She eagerly and proudly reports about the activities she does, the friends she plays with and what her wonderful teachers have taught her. Your dedication to providing a caring environment that fosters learning is obvious.  This is also true of your commitment to keeping the classroom safe and allergy-free. Our daughter's severe allergy has always made us hesitant to leave her in others' care. Your adherence to the strict no nut policy as well as your genuine care for her well being has made it easy for us to leave her with you.  We will forever appreciate and be grateful for the preschool experience you have given us and our daughter."

Sonja and Marlon DeCaire

"When I first came for a visit to see Lil' Saints, I truly felt my twin boys (then 3 years old) weren't ready for preschool. It was March, and I felt they might be ready in September.  Within moments each found an activity that interested him, and soon they were interacting with the other students and asking the teachers questions. I realized that it was me who was afraid of letting them go.

The boys started preschool the next month, and now they are 5 years old and getting ready for Kindergarten. They have grown so much, becoming confident and independent, learning their letters and making lots of friends. I can't say enough about the kind, intuitive teachers and the happy, gentle atmosphere. Mrs. Lock and Miss Zoe have made a huge difference in our children's--and our family's--lives, and I recommend this preschool wholeheartedly."

Angela Ford