The Classroom


Our bright and beautiful classroom is located in the Parish Center building directly across from the school playground. We offer different areas for the children to explore such as: Science, Math, Language, Dramatic, Creative corner, Block, Sensory and Circle time areas.

The materials we provide are carefully chosen and arranged to appeal to children and promote our curriculum goal. 


The Playground


Our playground is just steps away from our classroom. There are many opportunities for the children to play while developing gross motor skills and being physically active.


The Gym

A full sized gym is conveniently adjacent to our classroom. We have ride-on cars, wagons, and other play equipment that allow the children in our program to keep moving even on cold and rainy days. 


Our Neighbours


The preschool is part of the Catholic community of Sacred Heart Parish. We are located in the Parish Centre building which is next to the Church, the Elementary School and the Monastery.  The site is surrounded by agricultural land